What is the lab anyway ?

Dna Lab is a music and audio post production multitask force in Athens, Greece.

We are team of sound engineers, composers, musicians, producers, sound editors, sound designers, mixers that creates, handles, curates and even distributes audible entities.

One of our main objectives is the production of original music for TV, Film Theater and Games. With modern means of production in combination with talent, taste and experience we can create anything except Higgs bozons.

After 15 years of music making in 2008, the Lab expanded it’s operations to sound design and mixing. We were displeased when our music was used in films with bad sound we decided to do the design and mixing our self. So, we created a Dolby approved a mixing stage trained like Rocky and here we are!

More? Yes, Dna Lab members collaborate with each other on pure old fashioned music making. We liked the results and had to release them in the outside world. So, we created the Dna Label (www.dna-label.com), our small but adorable little label.

Last but not least,our own unique music library for media with 1500 tracks and its called Dna Music Library



Music producing ,Recording, Mixing, Engineering, and More

We offer the facilities, equipment, and professional guidance to help you through your creative process.


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145B Tralleon
Galatsi, 111 46

Fax : +302118002916

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